Manuela Ioana Nemes - Personal Trainer
Born in Bucharest, Romania, Manuela is fluent in English, French, Romanian, Spanish and has basic knowledge of German. In Romania, she used to regularly practice seasonal outdoor sports like swimming and downhill skiing. With a degree in Computer Engineering from Bucharest and with four years experience as a Trust Officer in Toronto, she discovered that her real passion was weight training. As soon as she moved to Montreal she acquired the YMCA and American Council on Education (ACE) Personal Trainer certifications while she continued to work for the same financial company. As a hobby, she joined the YMCA Montreal as a part time personal trainer. She participated in two World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) fitness shows.

After many unbearable Canadian winters, Manuela started to spend more time in the Caribbean and teach fitness classes in some of the best resorts in Jamaica. She is a Padi Rescue Diver and she is also passionate about water ski and rock climbing.
In April 2011 she moved to Cayman and started as personal trainer at Body Sculptor; since November 2012 she joined World Gym. She was the TV host of Body Break Cayman 27 for over four years and wrote the fitness page of Cayman Net News / Cayman Reporter for three years. She was aiming by this to motivate both women and men to start training and to be active.

Every day, Manuela has the satisfaction of contributing to people’s well-being. She believes that clients have more inner strength than they realize. Pushing them to rediscover this side of themselves through fitness is a great chance. It is also rewarding to notice positive physical changes and increased confidence.

She enjoys adapting to various personalities, work around past injuries, life styles, likes or dislikes in order to achieve set fitness goals. There is no miracle, just hard work and perseverance from both, client and trainer. Manuela is confident that once you get to know your body, it becomes easier to determine when you can indulge, push more or simply take a break. Manuela thinks that the physical and mental strength one achieves from weight training is empowering and addictive. There is no age or barrier to start a type of physical activity.

While focusing on individual’s goals, Manuela pays special attention to functional exercises that result in increased body strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. She encourages body weight exercises and compound movements. Nutrition is also an essential part of achieving and maintaining a healthy, lean, strong body and Manuela provides guidance in this area also.
Manuela's parents have always been a great role model to her and her younger brother. Both athletic during university years, they managed to balance a healthy life style despite stressful engineering careers. Now, both in their 80's, they take long daily walks, enjoy a busy social and cultural life and travel almost every month. Every chance they get, they enjoy swimming in the ocean at a pace that puts most 20 year old's to shame. A few summers ago they celebrated 50 years of marriage and danced the night away. This is proof that age has no limits and you can enjoy all aspects of life for a very long time.