Manuela Ioana Nemes - Personal Trainer

​Gus Pope,  Retired Lawyer, Cayman

​I have been training with Manuela several times a week for over a year.

She is very knowledgeable and thoroughly professional, taking particular care to identify and address areas of weakness or injury. Manuela is clearly passionate about fitness and that enthusiasm is evident in every session.

She is always cheerful, but at the same time has an efficient "no nonsense" approach to each session that ensures your time in the gym is productive. I am very happy to recommend her.

Dena Ebanks: Program Coordinator at Cayman Islands Government

I never knew the benefits of having a personal trainer until I started training with Manuela. In the few months that I have been training twice a week I have seen improvements in my overall health. I have more energy, I feel stronger, I enjoy working out and I have begun to lose weight. She is an awesome trainer and knows the best exercises to get the results you want. She can also guide you on what foods are best to eat to help support your physical training. I would recommend anyone to train with Manuela! 

​Samantha Widmer:  CPA, PMP - Marketing Asia Pacific at Ferretti Group, Cayman/Hong Kong

​Manuela is an excellent trainer and someone with a lot of knowledge on all body types when it comes to fitness. She doesn't just talk the talk, but she brings her passion for health and fitness to her private classes and interactions with gym clients. I would recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight, get fitter, increase their athletic ability or train for a major fitness show. She takes time to really understand your needs and cater a program that keeps you happy and engaged.

Jessica Troie - Montreal, Canada / Cayman

​​I’ve progressed so much while working with Manuela. Professional, knowledgeable and motivating doesn’t begin to describe her personality and her approach. Manuela makes herself available, really takes the time to explain proper posture and which muscles are targeted. She really listens and caters to my goals! My sessions with her are nothing short of amazingly productive and result oriented, all this with tons of laughs and encouragement! She’ll always be my go-to!

​Sandrine Dixneuf - Spa Director, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

​Manuela provided Fitness classes and Personal training for our hotel guests in many occasions, replacing our fitness instructor, Doris, while she was on vacation. It is always a great pleasure to see her smile in the morning!

We have been receiving great comments and feedback from our guests who find her classes motivating and fun. Manuela demonstrates genuine care and has the ability to easily adapt to her audience.

Thanks to Manuela for being part of the Ritz-Carlton experience!”

​Robert M. Jamieson - Realtor, Cayman / New Zealand

​​Just over one year ago, I suffered what my doctor termed a major stroke. I spent 3 months or so in hospital. I came out confined to a wheel chair as I could not walk. My total left side had been paralyzed. My arm was confined to a sling in order to keep it in the socket, as all my upper arm muscles had atrophied to zero.
I started with physio and other treatments. These gave me hope. I gradually got out of the wheel chair and progressed to a walker.
I realized that in order to progress and get my life back together, I needed to strengthen my left side through exercise. I did my due diligence on gyms and trainers  and decided to approach  Manuela Nemes of the World Gym. She came highly recommended by people I have respect for, as smart, professionally knowledgeable and caring.
I am pleased to report that after six months of working with Manuela, 2/3 times a week,  I am now walking confidently with or without a cane depending on my balance.
My upper arm and shoulder is no longer looking like a chicken bone , not to mention a lot stronger and I have aspirations of being able to swim again as my range of motion increases. That is a huge goal from where I have come from.
I look forward to every session with Manuela as there is always an observation that she will make that assists my recovery.
My friends, associates and medics are amazed at the speed of my recovery  for which I have to give Manuela the credit for working the right  muscles and keeping me safe, not to mention fun.

​Charles and Sian Jennings - Retired Lawyers, Cayman 

​​Manuela is an excellent trainer. We have both been working out with her three times a week for the past year whenever we're in Cayman. She takes care to identify exactly what your fitness goals are and makes you work hard to achieve them. But she is also fun, and her sessions never drag. 
​Manuela has also trained our three children (all in their 20s, one with special needs), and they all love working out with her. We highly recommend Manuela as a fun and effective personal trainer, whatever your age and ability.

Searlina Bodden - Public Relations Entrepreneur, Cayman

​Manuela basically transformed my entire approach to Fitness. Prior to training with her, I always felt too busy or overwhelmed to stick to a fitness plan. Our workouts have changed my body confidence and my muscle definition, as well as lifted my spirits and my energy levels; she brings a wealth of knowledge on lifting, cardio and stretching that has helped me drop 3 dress sizes and 2 jeans sizes since we started training in October 2016. When I felt like I had gone too far to get back in shape, Manuela started out with the very basics and then gradually increased our intensity. I really am enjoying seeing the results on a daily basis after training with her 2 times per week and rarely missing a session. My workouts with her make me healthier and more productive. I can’t recommend her enough.

Timea Pataki - Hungary, Cayman

​I was very unhappy with my body. I felt fat and totally out of shape, to be honest, I've never really worked out in the gym in my 20's or play any sports. Fair enough to say, I was lazy and I could afford it then, as I was happy with the way I looked, but after I turned 30, things changed dramatically. I've started to gain weight easily and I soon had to realize, that just eating healthy wasn't enough to maintain my physique.
By the time I reached out to Manuela, I already had a significant 15 pounds weight gain which was very hard to deal with emotionally. 
After our first session, I knew she is my super star, who will change my life and help me  reach my goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and highly motivational. I am not gonna lie, it wasn't a smooth sailing and had some ups and downs, but Manuela was always by my side and like a good psychologist, she helped me overcome the difficult times. I train with her since about 4 months now and I enjoy every second of it, they are fun and never boring or the same, always something new, something challenging. I started to go to her classes and I love them all and I get upset if i can't make it because of my work schedule. :) My body changed so much and I am very happy! I am so much leaner, stronger and everyone around me noticed it. I still have a long road ahead of me to reach my ultimate goal but now I am so much more relaxed because I know she will be there, and she will make sure I will get where I want to be. I cannot say enough good things about her, she is my new best friend and I am so grateful to her. I couldn't have done it without her! 
I highly recommend her, she is amazing and if you feel like nobody can really motivate you or make you love training, you are wrong because if anyone can do it, that's her. Trust me on that! You tell her your goals and she will help you reach them. 

Tammy Smith - US, mother of two teenagers girls

​I was fortunate enough to find Manuela and train with her during our vacation in the Caymans!

Manuela is amazing. She managed to work with 3 of us at the same time, myself and my two daughters. It was important to me to keep up with my training goals while on vacation and also for my oldest daughter who was getting ready to play her first year of college volleyball. 

We trained hard and also had some fun while doing it. I must say I was very happy to have her all to myself on our last day as my kids went on a last minute fishing trip! 

If I ever get back to the Caymans, I will certainly be contacting her, but until then I make great use out of her awesome YouTube channel where she has many challenging stability ball routines!

Tammy, Abby & Ava Smith

Rosemarie Becerra - Mother of Two and Grandmother, US

I came to visit Cayman Islands in November 2017 for a few months. I knew if I didn't get a trainer I would never go to the gym. I have had several trainers before, but Manuela is the best and most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with. I made more progress with her than with any other trainer. My upper body strength improved, my abs got stronger, my arms look great. Here in Cayman it's all about short sleeves and bathing suits!
I have never felt more comfortable in both because of the training. My clothes fit better. I am so happy I met Manuela and look forward to training with her next year.

​Frank Flowers - Managing. Director, Flowers Group , Cayman

​I am probably among the oldest persons that Manuela trains. However, she has managed to keep me injury free while helping me to achieve my fitness goals. 
Her engaging personality and overall fitness knowledge allows her to carefully assess my needs and maximize my potential. She always keeps me motivated by continuously mixing up her training styles to suit my needs. I always look forward to my sessions with her.

Sophia LeAvett - Financial Executive, UK/Cayman

Being no stranger to fitness, I have always liked to challenge my body when it comes to fitness. When I  moved to Cayman I lost my "fit family" back in the UK and after a few previous injuries to my neck and back, I was also told by the doctors I wasn't allowed to do Crossfit anymore. I started to feel like I was losing my passion for training and starting to feel unhappy with my body, then I found Manuela! There's no denying her physical appearance shows how much effort and pride she takes in her training and gives you a sense of "I want to achieve that". I sat with Manuela and told her my frustrations and my ailments which meant that I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Her fantastic knowledge and experience meant she took it all on board and modified training techniques to still allow me to reach my goals. On top of all that Manuela is such a lovely ray of sunshine and fun person to work out with. She really ignited my passion for training again and pushed me hard when I wasn't feeling so motivated. If training with Manuela I would also suggest people try and supplement their exercise with her lunchtime express classes. 45 minutes of high intensity training which varies from abs, to butt to legs. They are a great way of building up stamina and adding something a little different to you exercise regime. 

P.T. with Manuela is not just for those that are new to fitness but for also anyone wanting to advance their training or willing to take a new perspective of their program. Thank you for all you have done / taught me!

LeShanna Green - Assistant Vice President - US (NY)/Cayman

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Yvonne Blanco - Friend and Admirer :) US/Cayman

Aside from Manuela’s incredible physique and colorful attire, Manuella is an excellent mentor.  Her stomach and mat work are extraordinary and very effective.   

Pilates roll up movements have been especially effective and all of Manuella’s sit-ups are VERY EFFECTIVE.  My suggestion for improvement is DAILY STOMACH CLASSES and MAT WORK!

 P.S. – Manuela is always friendly, but will not divulge to me the source of her gym wear, which I would like to purchase for myself!

Shenel Gall - First Pro Female Footballer, Cayman Islands

Manuela is amazing!

I got incredible results in a matter of two and half months working intense with her.

She is very knowledgeable and focuses on her clients wants. She is friendly and easy going.

She pushed me to my limit every session, making me feel great while we had a blast!

She got me the results I wanted and on a path to a healthier lifestyle, which feels so natural now.

She is brilliant! Thank you Manuela!

Sabrina Dvorski Mercurio - Financial Executive - US (NY), mother of one girl

As a frequent visitor to Cayman Island, I use that vacation time to train and catch up with lost months of not being able to do anything for my body.  I panicked as the trainer I used to train travelled abroad, so I started searching for a new personal trainer on the island. Interestingly enough, out of four websites promoting personal trainers, only Manuela responded, within 20 min after receiving my inquiry vs. others who didn't bother to respond for days. 
Manuela is definitely one of the best personal trainers I've ever worked with: having 20 years experience with personal trainers (my super busy schedule requires specific approach and thorough understanding of my over stressed and under nourished body), I've met and worked with over 30 trainers. Manuela quickly assessed me, and although we worked out every morning on the beach with very little equipment, she understood how my body works and what it needed in order to replenish depleted muscle strength and regain vitality.
Manuela would combine brisk walks with light jogging, elements of Yoga and Pilates and incorporate weight lift exercises at a pace that my body just loved. Although I had long periods of doing nothing at all, Manuela somehow knew the boundaries in order to put me through the rigors of exercises she scheduled for that morning while ensuring that my muscles don't get sore and that we can do just as much if not more the next day. The progress was evident just after one week: I miraculously toned up , just in time to get back to my stressful, over-scheduled life.
Manuela possesses the right balance between warm, friendly and coaching personality so she is able to get you through the most challenging exercises with the laughter and joke, so that once you are finished, you are left wondering whether you collapsed and just don't remember.
I would highly recommend Manuela to everyone, across all levels of fitness and health issues: she is someone you want on your side whether you are an absolute beginner trying to lose weight, or, wish to take your fitness to another level.  Apart form her professionalism, Manuela has a strong charisma and dedication to her passion. She is a pure joy to be around.

Ken Adumekwe - Director, Risk Management, UK/Cayman

I had 4 weeks to my big wedding day. As your wedding pictures stay with you for life, I needed a program that was going to achieve results quickly. With the help of Manuela she was able to deliver a tailored program which accounted for prior injuries that provided results. Within weeks of attending her sessions and following her carefully crafted diet plan, I noticed a huge difference. The thing I most liked about the training is that there was a lot of thought that went into each session. Key areas were targeted through an intense but enjoyable combinations of weight training and cardio vascular strength routines. She is very professional in her approach but she never makes training dull with her effervescent character and engaging style. Thanks to Manuela I will not look back at those pictures with as much embarrassment!

Jose Assumpcao - Business IT Consultant, Computer Programmer, Brazil/Cayman

Training with Manuela is very effective and she follows her motto faithfully. It was amazing how she solved a lower back pain which was causing me much discomfort thru a series of exercises that seem to be impossible to be performed by someone with such pain. She really put my body to work in my own benefit.

Gary White - Professional Photographer, UK/Cayman

Having developed a dropped shoulder over the years from weakness in certain muscles due to poor posture, I contacted Manuela to see if it was something she could help me with, as I lacked the motivation to go to the gym on my own.

I initially booked a set of ten sessions and with Manuela's experience and extensive knowledge of working on specific muscles, I started to get results after only around eight 1 hr sessions.

Even though my original goal has been reached, I've continued training with Manuela and always look forward to my twice weekly sessions because she keeps me motivated, which in turn is helping me improve my overall strength and fitness further.

Anyone looking to make physical improvements, will benefit greatly from training with Manuela.

Martin Freifeld MD - Retired Physician, US/Cayman

I have never gone to gyms or have been interested in fitness but when I found myself with an ever increasing waistband and out of breath after climbing only one flight of stairs, I decided that something needed to be done. I began training with Manuela and began noticing results very quickly. She has an engaging personality and clearly tailors each individual's regime to their needs and abilities. I especially appreciated the print-outs of the exercise plans she developed for me so that I can work out on my own schedule.
I have continued with her classes at the World Gym and have seen dramatic improvements in not only my stamina but my posture. My overall energy level seems higher, too.

Alex Menard - Accountant, Montreal Canada /Cayman

A few months ago, I felt the need to be more active and to improve my physical condition. As I never really enjoyed training in a gym, I was wondering what would be my options. After discussing with friends, I came to the conclusion that a personal trainer would be the perfect solution for me. This way I could learn how to make the most of my workouts, get advice, and have somebody who can motivate me and assist in my progression.
That’s exactly what Manuela did for me: she helped me set goals, and we worked together to achieve them; to my surprise, I even exceed them, since I notice improvements every week. She introduced me to different types of exercises which made my workouts diverse and fun. I was also part of her newspaper articles and videos on Body Break! I relate to Manuela since we both lived in Montreal and we enjoy speaking French.
Manuela encouraged me to push myself hard. She is always by my side to support me and to keep me focussed. Thanks to her, I’m in better shape than ever and now I’m looking forward to my next session in the gym!

James Shapland - Business Owner, UK/Cayman

Manuela is like a breath of fresh air!

She has an incredibly cheerful and supportive approach which is quite unique in Cayman trainers. She doesn't take herself too seriously and genuinely wants you to achieve your goals. My goal was to increase strength and mass in the legs whilst also improving core flexibility and strength in the back/shoulders. As many will know, this is a tall order given the strain placed on the lower back through squats and leg press. Manuela was always focused on maintaining a healthy balance between increasing the weight and volume of a particular exercise whilst allowing plenty of time to stretch and recover.

In terms of results I am thrilled. I have bulked up the legs by two inches in the quads and can touch my toes! In addition I recently managed 10 pull ups. An all round success.

Manuela was also kind enough to follow up each session with a log of all exercises performed with the weight and number of repetitions. She would email this to me daily so that over time we could see how much stronger I was becoming. We would also take measurements on a monthly basis to highlight the results being achieved.

Manuela was always available to answer any questions in relation to nutrition and recovery outside the sessions.

Last, but by no means least she offers great value for money. In all of 30 sessions she never once cut a session early or clock watched. She always runs over and gives you her complete attention and focus.

Does she know what she's talking about? Look at her abs! If that's not inspiration enough try one of her core classes.

This girl is good!

Louise Bailey - Personal Trainer UK/Cayman

I am a personal trainer myself but I wanted to work with Manuela to help me with some specific training goals. Although I train regularly, like most people I sometimes struggle to stay motivated working out by myself. Manuela always manages to push me harder than I would push myself, helps me stay on track with my goals and keeps our sessions varied and interesting. It's also great to share training tips, try out new ideas and make sure my own form/technique remains spot on. Manuela persuaded me to introduce pull ups to my routine which I was never able to do before. With her help I can now do 2 sets of 10 and I'm improving this number every week

Katrina Banks - Financial Executive and mother of one girl, Cayman

After my first training session with Manuela, I was so impressed that I was curious to continue training with her to see actual results. Today I have become fitter than I have ever been in my life. I have not only gained strength in my body but my overall energy level has dramatically improved. We all have daily challenges in our lives that may deter you from getting to the gym but she actually inspires you to want to go! It is challenging to get fit however training with Manuela has made it enjoyable. Her workouts are intense yet never repetitive. She really helps you achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. Manuela is not only extremely knowledgeable about fitness but also has great tips on eating healthy too. I would highly recommend Manuela for your fitness guru!

Julie Zimmerman - Financial Executive and mother of two girls, UK/Cayman

If you are feeling overweight, unfit and demotivated, I would urge you to call Manuela immediately! I was struggling to lose weight and show any real change in shape until I started having personal training with Manuela. I have now lost 30 pounds and I am shrinking every week!!! Not only do you receive personalized, fun and varied training but she also advises on healthy eating plans and recipes with regular fitness and weight evaluations to keep you motivated. And it's not just weight loss - my energy levels and fitness have dramatically improved. I so enjoy working with Manuela as she is knowledgable, kind and understanding, and really dedicates herself to helping you achieve results fast. I would highly recommend her.

Dayle Korby - Interior Designer Owner, Canada/Cayman

In order to improve my general fitness, muscle tone, and to increase my energy, I began a search for a personal trainer, since at home, I was prone to put exercising off. When I met Manuela, she was kind and understanding. She set small goals in the beginning, and was always encouraging me to keep going when I felt like giving up.
Three months have passed and Manuela is still enthusiastic about my progress. She keeps me motivated and challenged which really helps me to stay committed to my workout routines. I highly recommmend Manuela as a personal trainer. She will give you personal attention to attain your fitness goals in a safe fun way.

Esther Tatum - Pricing Manager, mother of two girls, Cayman

When a colleague at work suggested that I join the gym I was skeptical. I was apprehensive that any form of weight training would aggravate my arthritis. When I met Manuela for my first session I was immediately impressed. Manuela introduced a series of exercises to improve my strength and endurance , always sensitive to my condition. After 5 months of personal training , not only have I have gained considerable strength but the pain from arthritis is almost non existent. Not only does Manuela have the knowledge and skills to provide a safe and effective workout; she is also genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goal.

Martin Tedd - Engineer, UK/Cayman

I was in the latter stages of recovery from an injury that had curtailed my usual running schedule, so I needed to get back in shape. Manuela tailor-made an exercise regime for me that boosted my strength and overall fitness while being sympathetic to the old injury. The result was that I was able to start running again with the added benefit of a stronger core and the confidence to maintain the strength training. Manuela puts variety into her sessions and even makes working out fun and never gives up on the challenge of a sometime unenthusiastic pupil! I am now back to running better than I have for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend Manuela to anyone and believe if she could help me, she can help anyone.

Marlene Carter - Deputy Director, mother of two, Cayman

Manuela has inspired me to remain consistent in my search for fitness. She changes workout routines for each session and is innovative while at the same time remaining true to using one's own body strength and functional exercises to ensure a balance result, from Bosu to burpees! I have grown stronger over the last eight months and I feel constantly challenged to push myself beyond my self-imposed limits.

Stephanie Mills - Mother of two boys, North Vancouver - Canada/Cayman

I joined Manuela's fitness program after I found myself forty and fat. I needed a change and it had to be fast. I was gaining weight and even though I was working out on my own, beach walks and some home gym training, I wasn't getting any real results. I started with Manuela after I witnessed my friend's body transform within a matter of weeks. Luckily, my friend shared her secret, Manuela! Manuela got me on a fitness program to transform my body back to what it was 12 years ago (before two children). She worked around my limitations, due to assorted surgeries, and I am pleased to say that I no longer have any feet or knee pains.
I have dropped 20 lbs and about 4 dress sizes while still being able to eat Pizza with my boys every Friday. She made it fun. Its a lot easier than doing it on my own and with greater results. My sister says that I have never looked better!

Phil Jackson - HR Client Relationship Manager, Cayman

I needed a personal trainer to motivate me and whip me back into shape. I've thoroughly enjoyed the variety of workouts because they are challenging and intense. Manuela really focuses on what you want to accomplish and achieve, and I have gained strength and improved my core in a short period of time. I like the fact she mixes up the exercises and uses different ways to achieve your goal. I would definitely recommend Manuela as a personal fitness trainer.

Clare Armstrong - Office Manager, Bookkeeper, mother of one boy, UK/Cayman

Training with Manuela has been a fun learning experience. Not only do you learn about your body, you also get fantastic results.

Since having my son 4 years ago, I (and other people) had noticed a big change in my body. I had let it decline into a shape & size it had never been before. I didn’t have the motivation to train on my own, so I thought I would get a personal trainer. Since joining Manuela’s fitness program, within no time at all, I started seeing the results.

My body has never looked so in-shape as what it does now. I feel a lot healthier, stronger and have more confidence in myself. It’s been an amazing and enjoyable experience that I hope will continue. For a complete body makeover, Manuela is the trainer for you!

Neil Armstrong - Business Owner, Scotland/Cayman

I have signed up for gyms a number of times and have only lasted 2 or 3 sessions before I drifted back out of my fitness regime and back to the beer and fried food. Manuela changed this. She makes the sessions enjoyable and interesting, and each week I am feeling a lot stronger and healthier.

Karen O'Brien - Business Owner, Toronto, Canada/Cayman

Running my own small business gives me lots of excuses for not going to the gym. I needed someone to give me that extra push to achieve a healthy balance in my life. Since I started training with Manuela, I have toned up, gained strength and just feel better overall. The results are fantastic and the sessions are the right mix of fun and hard work. She is always encouraging me to make sure a fitness routine is part of my life.

Jan Tomkins - Broker/ Owner, Texas, US/Cayman

Suzelle Snowden - President, Fit Bodies Inc., US

Manuela has represented Fit Bodies, Inc. several times in the last few years as a traveling fitness professional teaching classes to resort guests.
Fit Bodies, Inc. researches and screens all pros to provide exceptional quality programming for all resorts where we provide the service.
Manuela has been the fitness leader in several resorts in Jamaica including Breezes Grand Negril, Breezes Rio and Hedonism II. She teaches yoga, water aerobics and offers personal training to the resort guests, staff and fellow trainers.
As the fitness professional at the resorts, Manuela does a great job adapting to the different fitness levels, clientele, languages and styles of resort. The resort managers and guests offer very positive compliments on her friendly personality and fitness skills.
I recommend Manuela Nemes for a position as trainer or teacher at any resort or facility.